Carima Neusser



The performance is a public presentation of an ongoing research project that takes its inspiration from embryology. The performance is looking at how what science knows about the early development of human life in utero, can be used to create new forms of dance and movement. Embryology is a fascinating field since the development of the body and its organs are shaped by its own movements. Certain cells in the embryo develop in response to how other cells next to them act. This means that we cannot really speak of cause and effect in traditional sense, which makes studying embryology both relevant and interesting for the dance field.

Choreography and dance: Carima Neusser
Live sound by: Per Hüttner

Galeria Libertad, Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico, February 2023

Produced by: Curatorial Mutiny, Vision Forum, El Dia D, Galeria Libertad
Funded by: Kulturbryggan and Helge Ax:son Johnson Stiftelse