Carima Neusser

» Start in the Middle


Start in the Middle: A lecture performance by choreographer Carima Neusser and artist Per Hüttner with specially composed music by composer Siri Jennefelt.

Start in the middle is a participatory event that brings together visual art and dance. It uses the formats of lecture and meditation into a seamless whole. The performers use texts, sounds, lights and contemplative exercises for the audience to participate in a collective journey where they spend most of the performance lying on the floor with their eyes closed, listening to music and texts, while their bodies are covered by semi transparent fabrics.The performance challenges the audience to think about their values and life choices:

-What do we do on a personal level to push the boundaries to overcome ourselves and our own restrictions?

-Are we prisoners of ourworldviews, fears, pragmatism and anthropocentrism or can imagination lead us out of our self-imposed limitations?

-Have our wishes to predict and control our surrounding world become a liability?

-Can we gain something by letting go and embrace chaos in and around us?

The artists draw inspiration from filmmakers like Luis Buñuel and Liliana Cavani, photographer Nabuyoshi Araki as well as anthropological research by Eduardo Viveiros de Castro.


Start in the Middle has been shown at Albumarte in Rome and Galleri Fagerstedt in Stockholm.