Carima Neusser




Carima Neusser aka Sasha Diamond atTransformation II, an online festival for BCI, neuro-feedback and music on French radio p-node. Sunday May 3, 2020.

Meditative Striptease is a live collaboration between Carima Neusser and Per Hüttner. Per uses real time EEG (electroencephalogram – measurements of brain activity on the scalp) to make sounds. Carima uses EMG (electromyogram – measurements of muscle activity on the respiratory muscles) to make sounds. The performance is a sensory based striptease rather than one where the gaze is in focus of the experience and where the stripper plays with the role of being both the subject and the object. Sasha Diamond focus on different meditative breathing techniques throughout the hour while she strips and navigates the listener throughout a meditation for relaxation, lasciviousness and imagination.