Carima Neusser



Gold all in my Veins is continuation of the project Baroque Architecture and Submission. The ongoing-Baroque project is a traveling project opening up to new interdisciplinary collaborators and venues. The work seeks out distinctively different contexts in order to investigate its relationship to the architectural setting, its aesthetics and history. It reflects upon the role of the performer and audience by investigating methods from the guided tour within the museum. The ongoing project interweaves dance, architecture, visual art, poetry and music in  different architectural settings.

Gold all in my Veins is a multi sensoric guided tour through Outokumpu Old Mine. The architecture at the Old Mine becomes the stage for a guided tour connecting baroque philosophy, history and spectacles to the tunnels, the earth and the surrounding area.

Introducing dance, poetry, music and food, we drink glitter and gold and let it run through our veins. The womb of the mine connects to our bodies, our breath and our movements and leaves us in states of awe. The artists guides the audience through their senses and together they share their thoughts on the so called ‘ornamental kitsch period’ baroque and test its actual capacities together.

Concept and direction: Carima Neusser
Choreography: Carima Neusser
Created with and performed by: Sara Gurevitsch and Carima Neusser.
Visual artist and tour guide: Carola Uehlken.
Composition and live sound: John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal.

With support of: Opstart, Nordic Culture Fund and The Swedish Arts Council.