Carima Neusser

» D1984


In her solo performance D1984 Carima Neusser investigates the body and desire in relation to power. Extracting inspiration from Orwell’s 1984, Neusser creates a choreography from the forbidden love affair between the two main characters in the story. From this relationship and the suppression of sexuality by the governing powers, love and romance surface to become a powerful form of activism. In 1984 pleasure in all its forms was strictly forbidden. You were not allowed to feel any attraction to anyone, not even to your own wife or husband. All kinds of relationships based on desire, fantasy, intimacy and love was forbidden and could mean that you would be punished by death if you were caught even having a thought about it. Neusser find it very interesting how desire becomes a form of political activism, and she reflect on how we can think about that today and for the future. She also finds it very interesting that the party wanted to eliminate art and the distinction between beauty and ugliness here too beauty becomes a form of activism. The work is based on ongoing spatial investigations where she brings together movement, stage lights, costume, props and video to create performative sculptures. It is in the field of tension, in the meeting between these different elements, that the choreographic exploration lies.

Choreography and dance: Carima Neusser
Soundscape: Per Hüttner

The exhibition and performance program “2084” was curated by Anne Klontz and supported by the Nordic Culture Point and with support from Teater Reflex, Stockholm, Sweden