Carima Neusser

» Baroque Architecture and Submission at Dansens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden

Baroque Architecture and Submission at Dansens Hus, Stockholm, Sweden

The Baroque Architecture and Submission team join forces again to perform Baroque Architecture and Submission at Dansens Hus, Small Stage, March 1 at 3pm ( Free Entrance)

Baroque Architecture and Submission invite you to a space, a process, a life form where you can discover something inside yourself, something in the world or beyond this world.

You can learn about yourself on acid trips, in rough sex or walking trough the forest. Could that be an art piece? What does it mean to be creative? It is about constantly turning the world upside down, making everything topsy turvy. To go against yourself and what you think you know – to live in total chaos. To look around and see sensuality in every detail in the surrounding world.

In the process we become intimate with life. Music, movement, materials and the light shining on them awaken slumbering desires and to let yourself go. What is it that is holding yourself back from letting go – completely?

We would like this piece, this performance, this ceremony to be a mirror where you see your own fears (or a deep desire?) without letting them take over your being. That you look at them the way you look at a passing stranger. The act of being without being aware of being. To be active without moving. To move without moving. To be.

Baroque Architecture and Submission is initiated by Carima Neusser in collaboration with dancers: Laura Oriol, Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Host/Hostess: Rasmus Raphaëlle Östebro, Space attribute: Sofia Romberg, Architect: Isabella Pasqualini, Music: Siri Jennefelt and Dungeon Acid ( PURCELL, Aphex Twin) Stylist: Lisa Pyk, Light design: Anton Andersson,

Baroque Architecture and Submission is produced and presented by Curatorial Mutiny, Dansens Hus,, Tegelscenen, Stockholm and Dansstationen, Malmö, Sweden.

The project is funded by The Swedish Arts Council, The Swedish Arts Grant Committee and Stockholm City Council.