Carima Neusser



Sensing Landmarks is a continuation of the projects Baroque Architecture Submission and Gold All in My Veins. The project is a multisensory investigation into diverse architectural sites. The project brings together dance, visual art, architecture, music, and poetry with the aim of creating multi sensorial guided tours. For each site scripts, choreography, dance, music, video and scenography is produced along with specific foods and drinks to create experiences for the five senses. Local people are invited to participate in the creative process who have specific knowledge about or who feel a sense of love for the place.

The project has been developed in partnership with MKP and Vision Forum


Suomenlinna, October, 2021

A sensorial guided tour performance was presented at Suomenlinna, a sea fortress and Unesco World Heritage Site built on eight islands near Helsinki.  The monuments, bastions, squares, tunnels and the surrounding nature became an integral part of the performance. The work was an opportunity to find new perspectives on Suomenlinna’s unique architecture and history in a creative and innovative way.

Choreography and dance: Carima Neusser
Composition and live sound: John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal
Tour guide and visual artist: Carola Uehlken

The project at Suomenlinna was developed in partnership with The Nordic Culture Point.


See trailer for Sensing Landmarks at Suomenlinna here


Bergen School of Architecture, October, 2022

The choreographic work takes its starting point in an investigation into the concept of “Axis Mundi” – also called the cosmic axis, world axis, world pillar, center of the world, or world tree. Bergen School of Architecture is the site for the guided tour connecting the vertical architecture of the building with the concept of the Axis Mundi. The tower, the staircases of the building and the sea outside connect to our bodies, our spine and spiraling movements and take us on a journey between heaven and earth.

Choreography: Carima Neusser.
Created with and performed by: Yohei Hamada.
Composition and live sound: John Andrew Wilhite-Hannisdal. Else Olsen Storesund.
Tour guide and visual artist: Carola Uehlken.
Photo: Vegar Moenilsen