Carima Neusser



Role Mother is a performance presented as a part of the project Local Role Models, an interdisciplinary project where artists and curators from Egypt, Sweden, and Syria carry out collective and individual investigations into how we think differently about heroes and stars.
Who are the real heroes in our lives?
Are they the people who appear in the media? Or are they the people we meet in our every day who have a real influence on our values, goals, and existences?

In the performance Carima look at her mother and how she have shaped her life journey. The perfomance is inspired by intense dance moments they have shared together throughout life, from dancing together to Bob Marley songs in the kitchen, to dancing at the club together.

Choreography: Carima Neusser
Created and performed by: Carima Neusser and Marina Neusser
Live sound: Per Hüttner

Rawabet Theatre, Cairo, Egypt, January 6, 2021

The perfomance formed a part of the international research project “Local Role Models” initiated and organized by Out of the Circle (EG), Vision Forum (SE), and AllArtNow (SE).