Carima Neusser



In Ghetto Gucci artists from Haiti and Sweden invite the audience to reflect on the role of visions, dreams and life goals in our lives. Whether we live in great poverty or in enormous wealth, consumerism tells us what to think and how to act. How can we collectively find alternatives? Art offers other perspectives. With art, we can engage with each other with our bodies, with real emotions, create real exchanges and give each other support. The group of performers have collectively discovered that through dance and performance, they can develop another form of freedom and alternative ways to communicate. By creating and dancing together the artists become intimate with life in new ways. Music, movement and props enable them to formulate new hope and new goals. Ghetto Gucci is a performance developed jointly by Swedish and Haitian artists under the direction of the Swedish choreographer Carima Neusser.

Choreography and performer: Carima Neusser
Created with and performed by: Adriana Benjamin, Michel La Fleur, Jerry Reginald Chery with Herold Pierre Louis, Kervins Louis.
Composition and live music: Per Hüttner
Photo: Frank Sperling

documentafifteen, Kassel, Germany June 2022.
Weld, Stockholm, Sweden June 2022
The 6th Ghetto Biennial, Port au Prince, Haiti, 2019

Funded by: The International Dance Program at the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Swedish Arts Council, Helge Ax:son Johnsons stiftelse.