Carima Neusser




Stage of Death is a research project that investigates the guided tour format and artistic practices related to death, decay and architecture. The Guided tour took place in Stockholm May 21, 2021 organized and produced by Curatorial Mutiny

Participating artists: Joakim Forsgren, Olav Westhpahlen, Leah Landau, Simon Blanck, Carima Neusser and Amina Neusser.

First Stop: Gamla Stan 2-4pm
-Introduction by Carima Neusser
-Back to the bones Movement – Carima and Leah Landau (secret place)
– Visit to Storkyrkan
– “Resurrection of Carolus Rex 7″/ Presentation by Joakim Forsgren, Storkyrkan/Riddarholmskyrkan

Second Stop: Norra Begravningsplatsen, Solna 4.30-5.30pm
– by car to Solna
–  “I mina drömmars Mausoleum”, Presentation by Simon Blanck

Third Stop: Hellasgården 6.30-22.30 pm
– Limousine ride to Hellasgården
– Sauna for all.
– “Sauna story” by Olav Westphalen
– Dinner and drinks at Hellasgården