Carima Neusser




Stage of Death is a project that investigates the guided tour format and artistic works related to death, decay and architecture. Five artists presented individual works at Storkyrkan, Riddarholmskyrkan, Norra Bergravningsplatsen, in a limousine and the sauna at Hellasgården in Stockholm. The guided tour is based on a baroque poem “Schaubühne des Todes” from the 17th century poet Christian von Hoffmannswaldau.

“I thought to myself / what is this world?
We hope our hands will touch the sky
That mountains and seas will obey its rage
And follow the destiny / that people like
How timely must we learn that opinions change/
That our determination breaks like our castle
What the brain builds / melts and ceases
No clock fails as badly as the wheels of thought
No wit matches eternity
And our works are the game played by time.”
– Christian von Hoffmannswaldau

Participating artists: Joakim Forsgren, Olav Westhpahlen, Leah Landau, Simon Blanck, Carima Neusser and Amina Neusser.

Guided Tour and performances: Stockholm May 21, 2021. The project was organized, produced and funded by Curatorial Mutiny and Vision Forum.

The Guided Tour:
First Stop: Gamla Stan 2-4pm
-Introduction by Carima Neusser
-Back to the Bones – Presentation by Carima and Leah Landau
-Visit to Storkyrkan
-“Resurrection of Carolus Rex 7” Presentation by Joakim Forsgren, Storkyrkan and Riddarholmskyrkan

Second Stop: Norra Begravningsplatsen, Solna 4.30-5.30pm
-“I mina drömmars Mausoleum”, Presentation by Simon Blanck

Third Stop: Hellasgården 6.30-22.30 pm
– Limousine ride to Återvinningscentralen Östberga with Olav Westphalen
– Sauna story by Olav Westphalen, Hellasgården
– Dinner and drinks, Hellasgården